Congratulations to the top three Miss Asia Toronto 2014 finalists

Top 3 Miss Asia Toronto 2014 finalists
From left to right: Rowena Zhang, Sunny Dhal, May Tong
Photo Credits: Newton Yee

Top 25 Miss Asia Toronto contestants
Top 25 Miss Asia Toronto contestants
Wardrobe sponsor: Madame Moje
Photo Credits: Newton Yee

Event Background

Miss Asia pageant, originating in 1985 is the world’s largest Asian oriented beauty pageant, the world’s fourth largest beauty pageant and offers the largest grand prize of 3 million dollars (HKD). The Miss Asia Pageant is organized by Asia Television Limited (ATV) in Hong Kong since 1985. The final competition is held in Hong Kong. Semi-final competitions are held annually all over the world. The winner of each semi-final will be entered into the final competition in Hong Kong. It aims to unite all Asian communities and exhibit each group’s cultural qualities.

The winner of the Miss Asia Toronto title receives an all expenses trip paid to Hong Kong. Moreover, she will enter into the Miss Asia Final in Hong Kong for the opportunity to win the grand prize of 3 million dollars (HKD).

ATV is one of the two free-to-air broadcasters in Hong Kong. It has impacted television viewing in Asia as well as the Chinese community globally. The company is established on May 29, 1957 under the name of Rediffusion. It was the first ever television station in Hong Kong and the first Chinese television station in the world. In 1982, Rediffusion later renamed itself to Asia Television Ltd (ATV). Presently, in China, ATV analogue services obtained landing rights in Southern part of China, Guangdong Province since 2002. In North America, its Chinese TV service (ATV HOME Channel, America) offers subscribers a diverse range of programming in Cantonese - 24 hours a day on Echostar's DISH network and Rogers Cable Network. Miss Asia Pageant has been endorsed by international celebrities such as Jacky Chan, Jean Claude Van Dame, Macau’s billionaire Stanley Ho and various Asian and international celebrities.

Event Objectives

Miss Asia aims to unite and connect all Asian communities and showcase each group’s cultural diversity and qualities.

Our mission is to unite all Asian communities and exhibit each group’s cultural qualities. We aim to showcase the true vision and diversity of all Asian communities by connecting all major Asian nationalities.. Some of the engaged groups would consist of peoples from various regions such as: Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Indian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Lebanese, Uzbekistani, Kazakhstani, Thai, Cambodian and various others.


  • There will be a total of 20 final contestants competing for the title of Miss Asia Toronto 2014 to represent Toronto to participate in the final competition in Hong Kong. 500 guests will be expected to attend this year’s event on the day of the competition in Toronto. Last year Miss Asia Toronto 2013, held at the Chinese Cultural Centre, had 550+ guests. A full recorded video for the entire production of the pageant will be provided to ATV Hong Kong and broadcasted in partial segments to all viewers of ATV globally.
  • In addition, promotional videos and commercials will be broadcasted through local Toronto television stations, radio stations, as well as newspapers prior the event. Full production of the pageant and videos of the fundraisers will be provided to ATV Hong Kong for after the pageant. Viewers of all regions in China as well as Canada affiliated with ATV will have the opportunity to view the Miss Asia Toronto Pageant.
  • Contestants will be present and participating at all fundraisers as well as Meet and Greet events and general public will be expected to attend. Celebrity/ Artist(s) and Miss Asia Toronto 2014 First Place winner will be attending press conferences held at various retail outlets throughout Toronto. At which all major sponsors logos and acknowledgement will be specified during the press conferences and fund-raising activities. Promotional videos and photos will be taken during all event occurrences and advertised throughout the pageant event.